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Fund Name Description
BACF Operations
A Seat at the Table A Seat At The Table is a one-day opportunity to gather around a table with friends, neighbors, colleagues and maybe even a few people we're meeting for the first time to share a meal and have a real conversation about what's important to us. This first initiative will take place in October 2018. Your gift to A Seat at the Table is a strategic investment in the future of your community. In today's world of impersonal, virtual communication, the act of coming together as community members has never been more important. Talking - and listening - to our neighbors is a crucial first step toward creating a more connected, engaged, and successful community.
Youth Giving Project The Youth Giving Project, a program of BACF, teaches local middle school and high school students the grant making process through monthly meetings and volunteer activities. Click here to support this important program!
Community Foundation Operating Fund Support the most flexible and responsive way to meet emerging needs in Gallatin County. This fund keeps the vibrancy of our community as its priority. Through community conversations and interactions with individuals across Gallatin County, we identify tipping points and game-changers that will strengthen our community to meet immediate needs and long term opportunities. Donate here to invest in the future of our community. Select this fund to support our general operations, programming and critical needs as an organization!
The Nonprofit Cafe The Nonprofit Cafe is a free professional development program hosted by BACF to support local nonprofit leaders. Your investment in the Nonprofit Cafe keeps this program free and open to all nonprofit leaders to help them do their work better.
Giving Day
Give Big Gallatin Valley Give Big Gallatin Valley is the largest 24-hour giving initiative in the county. To date, this initiative has raised over $1.3 million for over 165 organizations throughout Gallatin County. To learn more, go to Click here to invest in this program!
Agency Fund
Bridgercare Endowment Fund Bridgercare's mission is to provide excellent, affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare and education in a safe, supportive, empowering atmosphere. Click here to support Bridgercare's agency endowment fund hosted by BACF!
Liberty Place Endowment Fund Liberty Place, Inc. was founded 1996 by four women who dreamed of a better life for people who were severely impaired by brain injury. They envisioned a place that would allow the individual to discover possibilities, to build on strengths rather than focusing on what was lost; a place that would encourage dignity of risk, purpose to life and life-long growth. Click here to contribute to this fund.
Nonprofit Funds
Help Center Endowment Help Center, Inc. provides support and guidance to the Help Center, Sexual Assault Counseling Center (SACC), Hearts & Homes and Sack's Thrift Stores so that these programs can continue to serve the community. The Help Center in Bozeman, Montana started as a 24 hour Crisis Hotline in 1971. To this day we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to assist individuals and families in sorting out problems, dealing with feelings and making decisions.
Iqra Endowment Fund The Iqra Fund is a U.S. based nonprofit organization committed to serving girls in remote regions faced with economic, social, and political barriers to education. The founder's years of travel, on-the-ground research, and educational development in northern Pakistan have established a deep understanding of the unique challenges that these communities face. By working with community strengths and local leadership, Iqra Fund provides girls with educational opportunities to improve their quality of life.
Giving Circles
Women Who Wine Monthly Membership Fund Women Who Wine (WWW) Membership Please follow these easy steps to setup your monthly or annual membership. FOR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $180.00 1. Select an annual membership by entering $180 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section. 2. Click "Year" 3. Add to Cart and pay. 4. This annual membership will be auto-deducted from your account each year in the amount of $180. FOR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - $15.00 1. Select a monthly membership by entering $15 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section. 2. Click "Monthly" 3. Add to Cart and pay 4. This annual membership will be auto-deducted from your account each month in the amount of $15.
Other BACF Funds
Community Opportunity Fund This Fund ensures that BACF has meet the needs of our community today - and forever. This Opportunity Fund allows BACF the flexibility to invest in community needs large and small as the opportunities arise.
Donor Advised Funds
Tara Reistad Memorial Endowment In honor of Tara Reistad.
Restricted Endowment
Reach Inc. Endowment For more than 43 years, Reach Inc. has grown to serve 112 clients. Reach Inc. supports people 18 years or older, who are diagnosed with an intellectual disability, by providing residential, vocational, and transportation services. Click here to support their important cause and contribute to their endowed fund hosted by BACF.
Fiscal Sponsorship
The Compassion Project
Other Funds