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One Valley Operations
Donate A Seat At The Table
A Seat at the Table is a proven civic engagement initiative that activates community members to engage in local decision making. Based on a model by The Chicago Community Trust, A Seat at the Table was designed to convene inclusive conversations among the people who live and work in a community, and ask them to share their own stories and ideas about needs and solutions to problems that affect their lives. A Seat at the Table conversations root our work in the lived experiences of community members and elevate issues important to them. Select this fund to support civil discourse and community-driven policy making.
Donate Community Foundation Operating Fund
Support the most flexible and responsive way to meet emerging needs in Gallatin County. This fund keeps the vibrancy of our community as its priority. Through community conversations and interactions with individuals across Gallatin County, we identify tipping points and game-changers that will strengthen our community to meet immediate needs and long term opportunities. Donate here to invest in the future of our community. Select this fund to support our general operations, programming and critical needs as an organization!
Donate Give Big 2022
Donate The Nonprofit Cafe
The Nonprofit Cafe is a free professional development program hosted by One Valley Community Foundation to support local nonprofit leaders. Your investment in the Nonprofit Cafe keeps this program free and open to all nonprofit leaders to help them do their work better.
Donate Youth Giving Project
The Youth Giving Project, a program of One Valley Community Foundation, teaches local middle school and high school students the grant making process through monthly meetings and volunteer activities. Click here to support this important program!
Fiscal Sponsorship
Donate Open & Local
Open & Local is a cross-sector network of professionals and community members working to strengthen community food systems and conserve open land.
Donate A4Art
We are working towards helping K-12 schools in the Gallatin Valley Schools gain access to visual arts education for their students. We believe that instruction should come from qualified, certified art teachers who teach the Montana Core Art Standards.

All middle school and high school students are mandated by the Montana Office of Public Instruction to have access to a certain amount of hours of visual arts education, but there is no specific requirement for elementary students. Only a few schools in the valley (3 out of 25) have regular art classes. Our organization is therefore focusing on elementary art education.
Donate WTM Bozeman
We are the local Bozeman chapter of Women Techmakers, building a community for inclusive learning, networking, and professional development. WTM specializes in events aimed in helping women and gender-nonconforming folks thrive in their tech careers. We support all facets of the tech industry, so whether you’re an engineer, a product manager, a designer, or in sales, you're welcome here. We love and celebrate all demographics of the diversity iceberg, and hope to see you at our next event!
Community Funds
Donate Journalism Fund
The One Valley Community Foundation is following the example of community foundations nationwide in creating a fund for local journalism in our community. The Regional Journalism Fund will strengthen journalism throughout Gallatin Valley, with the purpose of meeting our community’s information needs. Funded projects will serve to inform, engage, and activate community members around local issues of importance – ultimately advancing civic participation. Contributions to the Regional Journalism Fund can be made at any level and can be designated for support for journalism to cover almost any topic of importance to residents of Gallatin County.
Donate Education Fund
To support educational needs in the Gallatin Valley.
Donate Housing Solutions Fund
Housing Solutions Fund An investment in the Housing Solutions Fund serves to accelerate solutions to housing needs for the people who live, work, and do business here in Gallatin County. A gift to this fund supports local solutions to local problems and will be leveraged throughout the county alongside the other community leadership initiatives underway at One Valley such as our Regional Housing Coalition. The Housing Solutions Fund is an integral component of our broader work to assess local housing needs, and to resource solution making by local partners.
Agency Fund
Donate Liberty Place Endowment Fund
Liberty Place, Inc. was founded 1996 by four women who dreamed of a better life for people who were severely impaired by brain injury. They envisioned a place that would allow the individual to discover possibilities, to build on strengths rather than focusing on what was lost; a place that would encourage dignity of risk, purpose to life and life-long growth. Click here to contribute to this fund.
Donate Bridgercare Endowment Fund
Bridgercare's mission is to provide excellent, affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare and education in a safe, supportive, empowering atmosphere. Click here to support Bridgercare's agency endowment fund hosted by One Valley Community Foundation!
Donor Advised Fund
Donate Soren Joseph Hartnett Legacy Scholarship Fund
This fund is in memory of Soren Joseph Hartnett, son of Mary and Douglas and brother to Rowland. Soren, age 16, died on July 18, 2020 after suffering a fatal heart arrhythmia due to previously undiagnosed Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. He collapsed on July 15 while doing what he loved most, training with his Bridger Ski Foundation Nordic ski teammates. After his death, his liver and both kidneys were donated to 3 young transplant recipients and gave them a new chance at life. Soren started biathlon at age 8 to be with his buddies, and this grew into a passion for Nordic skiing. He put all of his energy into it and was on a team representing the United States in biathlon in Norway last winter. He pushed himself constantly and kept at it even when competing against 1100 Norwegians! This scholarship fund has been set up to provide financial assistance to young athletes pursuing Nordic skiing and biathlon with Bridger Ski Foundation Nordic and Crosscut Biathlon, and to provide AED funding for youth athletic groups in the Gallatin Valley. If you wish to enter a tribute please enter the "Whom to Notify" as "Doug Hartnett and Mary O'Rourke". Thank you!
Nonprofit Funds
Donate Big Sky Youth Empowerment Endowment Fund
The BYEP Endowment Fund ensures teenagers in the Gallatin Valley receive comprehensive support during a critical time in their lives. This endowment supports scholarships for kids to go on outdoor adventures, partake in group mentorship, and attend workshops on social-emotional learning. Through this long term investment, BYEP seeks to support ongoing generations of young people as they grow into happy, healthy, contributing members of our community.
Donate Help Center Endowment
It is the mission of Help Center, Inc. to provide information, outreach, direct services, advocacy, crisis counseling and therapy to clientele in a safe, confidential environment. We fulfill our mission through these programs: The Help Center is a 24-Hour crisis and suicide line, with a local number (406-586-3333) in addition to answering the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK). We provide information and referrals to Gallatin and the surrounding 12 counties through Montana 211; The Gallatin County Child Advocacy Center provides advocacy and a child-friendly space for children who have suffered abuse to report; The Sexual Assault Counseling Center provides advocacy and counseling to those who are sexual assault survivors; Hearts & Homes provides a supervised visitation program and provides parenting classes; Sacks Thrift Store financially supports Help Center, Inc. programs and provides vouchers to community members in need.
Donate Iqra Endowment Fund
The Iqra Fund is a U.S. based nonprofit organization committed to serving girls in remote regions faced with economic, social, and political barriers to education. The founder's years of travel, on-the-ground research, and educational development in northern Pakistan have established a deep understanding of the unique challenges that these communities face. By working with community strengths and local leadership, Iqra Fund provides girls with educational opportunities to improve their quality of life.
Giving Circles
Donate Women Who Wine Monthly Membership Fund
Women Who Wine (WWW) Membership

Please follow these easy steps to setup your monthly or annual membership.

1. Select an annual membership by entering $180 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section.
2. Click "Year"
3. Add to Cart and pay.
4. This annual membership will be auto-deducted from your account each year in the amount of $180.

1. Select a monthly membership by entering $15 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section.
2. Click "Monthly"
3. Add to Cart and pay
4. This annual membership will be auto-deducted from your account each month in the amount of $15.
Donate 100 Strong Gallatin Valley Membership
100 STRONG GALLATIN VALLEY MEMBERSHIP INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow these easy steps to setup your quarterly or annual membership.


1. Select an annual membership by entering $400 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section.
2. Click "Year"
3. Add to Cart and pay.
4. This annual membership will be auto-deducted from your account each year in the amount of $400.

1. Select a quarterly membership by entering $100.00 in the "Recurring Donation Amount" section.
2. Click "Quarterly"
3. Add to Cart and pay
4. This quarterly membership will be auto-deducted from your account each quarter in the amount of $100.

Please do not select the monthly giving option for your donation to this fund. 100 Strong only accepts quarterly and annual membership fees.

Members of 100 Strong Gallatin Valley pledge to make a tax-deductible donation of $100 per quarter, for a total of $400 per year, which will be held by One Valley Community Foundation.

Each quarter, members will vote for a local organization to receive a gift generated from these funds. Please contact with any questions.
Donate Montana Guys Who Give
Restricted Endowment
Donate Reach Inc. Endowment
For more than 43 years, Reach Inc. has grown to serve 112 clients. Reach Inc. supports people 18 years or older, who are diagnosed with an intellectual disability, by providing residential, vocational, and transportation services. Click here to support their important cause and contribute to their endowed fund hosted by the One Valley Community Foundation.
Other Funds